10 cool games for the children’s day in the swimming pool

10 cool games for the children’s day in the swimming pool

With children’s day arriving it is time to prepare the swimming pool and all of the house for the kids!

Specially if sun goes out, the swimming pool games are an inevitable consequence of the children’s day.

Games for the children’s day in the swimming pool

Here we listed 10 games for you to play with the children in the swimming pool and wean them off using too much the phone and the computer.

If you learn and are able to teach the children these games, the fun could be much more than lots of “Moooom, look!”.

1 – Submarine’s run in the swimming pool

Some people call it the dolphine’s run, other call it the mermeid’s run,,, Call this game whatever you want!

The game’s idea is to hold the breath and see who goes further in a subaquatic run.

After iniciated it is not allowed to go up to catch your breath.

2 – Invisible bottle in the swimming pool

Grab an empty transparent plastic bottle.

Give preference to one that is colorless and has the same color screw cap as the coating of the swimming pool.

Fill the bottle with water from the own swimming pool and, with the players with their backs turmed to the pool, throw the bottle in the water.

The game starts when they hear the noise of the bottle falling in the water.


Children’s day at swimming pool

Who finds the bottle first wins the game.

This game can go on and keep them entertained for many hours because it is way harder than it seems once the bottle is camouflaged in the bottom of the swimming pool.

3 – Gladiators of the swimming pool

Instead of going “on horseback” to try to overthrow your opponents, the aim of this game in the swimming pool is to ride on floats and try to survive on top of them.

It is possible to have more fun in the game with the noodle’s help using them as swords.


4 – Shark of the swimming pool

This game is a variation of run and catch for swimming pools.

The main rule is the definition of places where players can go in and out of the swimming pool to escape the shark.

When the shark catches someone, this one becomes the new shark of the game.

You can increase the fun of this game giving a diving mask and duck feet to the person playing the shark. That way the person shall move more quickly and the game will become more dynamic.

The players can only stay out of the swimming pool for the maximum time-limit of five seconds each time.

5 – Ping Pong in the swimming pool

As fun as playing with things that sink in the swimming pool is picking up things that float.

Ping pong balls are excellent toys for swimming pool time, because in addition to floating well, they are also white and hard to see.

You can numerate the ping pong balls before throwing them in the swimming pool and give each a value.

After thirty seconds in the swimming pool you sum the points of each player and who has the most wins the game.

You can also numerate the balls and determine which ball each player must find. That way, who finds the right ball in less time wins the game.

The more balls you have to throw in the swimming pool the funnier the game will turn out.

6 – Treasure Hunting in the swimming pool

Playing in swimming pool

This is the most common game in the swimming pools for everybody!

An adult throws coins in the swimming pool and who finds the biggest number wins the game.

Some variations can be interesting as giving the child the coins they get. Depending on their age it can be really cool!

7 – Freeze tag in the swimming pool

Freeze tag in the swimming pool works in a similar way to the one you know from the street.

When someone is caught, stays frozen with their hands on their head.

A person needs to freeze everyone and everyone has the power, only when immersed, to unfreeze other players.

When a player is completely immersed he can’t be frozen and, additionally, the player who catches the others can’t dive.

8 – Octopus of the swimming pool

The Octopus of the swimming pool is another super fun game to play in the swimming pool.

In it, the octopus stays in the middle of the swimming pool and the players need to cross to the other side without being reached by the octopus.

Every time the Octopus catches someone, this person joins the Otopus in the middle and helps him catch the other players.

The game goes on until the last player joins the Octopus and the game will restart.

9 – Swirl in the swimming pool

Here is one of the coolest games in the swimming pool!

When the pool isn’t too big and the group of friends is fairly big, it’s possible to make a swirl in the swimming pool!

All of the friends take hands and start to move in an unique circle, in the same way.

With time, it is possible to feel the created water current spinning in the same way as the players.

Depending on the swimming pool size, it’s an amazing result! Watch a video of a group doing this game:

10 – Pirates of the swimming pool

Pick up an odd number of sticks, preferably without it ends.

The ideal is 9 or 11 ice cream sticks.

With the players in the other side of the swimming pool, throw the sticks in the center of the swimming pool and let them search.

The pirate that finds the biggest number of sticks (treasure) wins the game!

Gather the sticks and tart again!

Children’s day in the swimming pool

The children’s day can be excellent to play in the swimming pool.

With these 10 games you can make the children spend the energy well and have lots of fun.

Nevertheless, don’t let them alone in the swimming pool. Stay always close because, even with a shallow swimming pool, it’s of primordial importance to have and adult monitoring the game in the swimming pool, ok?

To know more about children’s day in the swimming pool, check out our text:

And you? What game will you play in the swimming pool? Is any cool game missing? Tell us in the comments field.

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