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The necessary maintenance for infrequently used swimming pools

The necessary maintenance for infrequently used swimming pools

Today, I decided to take a break and give some attention to the list of questions that you send through the comments section here...

Physical properties of the pool water

Therapy or leisure… it is up to you to choose! Fluctuation, hydrostatic pressure, temperature, resistance, massaging effect…These are some of the most important pool...
Pools, Lifeguards, and the 10-20 Rule

Pools, Lifeguards, and the 10/20 Rule

Most people have a misconception of what it means to be a lifeguard.They believe it's an easy job, an activity that consists of sitting...
Taking care of the pool's motor pump

Taking care of the pool’s motor pump

The function of the pool's motor pump is to force the circulation of water.If the filter is considered the pool’s lung, the motor pump...
pool cleaning contract

Pool cleaning contract

Pool cleaning is an essential service to maintain water quality and ensure the safety of users. However, hiring a service provider without a contract...

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