How to open up a swimming pool cleaning business

How to open up a swimming pool cleaning business

We who live in Brazil, specially nowadays, have the proper scene to enter the pool cleaning market.

With the labor shortage and the great amount of swimming pools that our country has, we have an excellent conjuncture to open up a swimming pool cleaning business!

Opening a swimming pool cleaning business

We’re one of the countries with the largest number of swimming pools in the world. Only the United States has more pools than us! Facing this fact, the opportunities seem to catch the eye and many people adventure themselves in the swimming pool cleaning market.

Even here, in the comments of, we have already seen dozens of people talking about their dream of starting a swimming pool cleaning business.

We decided to help you who think about it and we’re going to talk specifically to you who intend to put your efforts in the creation of a business to clean pools.

The cleaning of the swimming pool

Few are the owners who take care of their swimming pools. Be it for the lack of time during the week or because of the comfort it is to have the swimming pool always cleaned by a specialized company.

In spite of its simplicity, it’s a detailed task and demands a certain amount of time. That’s why, most times what’s done is hiring a specialized pool cleaning company to do the job.

The hired company owns indispensable equipment for cleaning the swimming pool, the products used in the treatment and, of course, specialized professionals in the treatment of the swimming pool.

For you who believe in the idea and think that can do well in the area, here go our tips for you to open a swimming pool cleaning business

Size up the swimming pool cleaning company’s competition

The swimming pool cleaning companies are, in general, traditional locally.

You can hardly find a place that hasn’t got a swimming pool services business with less than 10 years of tradition in the market.

That happens because the clients in general don’t change companies.

They hire one to take care of the swimming pool and only go to search for another in case they have a problem with the current.

Open up a swimming pool cleaning business

As they are established companies, the interesting thing to do is check which are their adopted practices because, as they have experience, these practices will probably do well for you too.

It is interesting to find out how the payment is done, how the billing is done, and which is the way of doing publicity to reach the client and etc…

Check out everything you can about our competition and go further! If your competition works with receiving bank payment slips, work with them but try to offer the option of credit and debit cards.

If your competition do weekly visits, check out if your clients are in need of anything else, like a one-time visit in the weekend. So: don’t stay with the basics! Be always ready to offer something more!

Appraise the main public of the swimming pool cleaning company

To get in the swimming pool market, just like any other, it is necessary to know about it!

By knowing well your client, you will probably see that the common propaganda, in general, hasn’t the same effect as a supermarket one, for example.

In other words… If the supermarket does a pamphlet, its client will probably see the price and if it is cheaper than another supermarket, he will decide to buy there.

If you do a pamphlet, even if your price is cheaper than what he pays currently, he will hardly call you and decide to leave his swimming pool in your company’s hands.


Because the owners of swimming pools need to feel trust in your company! The supermarket won’t be going inside their clients house, the swimming pool cleaning company yes!

The supermarket won’t know about your clients routine, the company which takes care of his pool yes!

That’s why the owner of the swimming pool will hardly call any company from some pamphlet he will receive…

My tips is: make arrangements with swimming pool shops. Many times the companies that execute the project of the swimming pool has already gained the client’s trust. In that way, if he needs a company to do the cleaning of the swimming pool, he will probably ask in the store!

So get in contact with the swimming pool shops and leave your phone number. Be always ready for the swimming pool shops in your city.

Still about the knowledge of your target public

How to open up a swimming pool cleaning business

Besides the partnerships with specialized stores in swimming pool projects, it’s interesting for you to keep in mind our centuries issues.

As your client is a demanding and suspicious person he needs to feel trust in your recently formed company.

To transmit trust, nothing more than a well developed website.

In this issue, we recommend the Agency Sete Clave, which develops sites for all of the country (and also outside) increasing the trust your company can transmit.

In addition to being a communication portal with your client, a site can pass on the trust your client needs to contact you, besides making a great difference as the swimming pool market still doesn’t explore much the online features.

See some site examples of companies from the swimming pool area developed by Sete Clave:

These are some of the websites done by Sete Clave in the swimming pool area, without considering the very own, which is also done and maintained by them.

About the swimming pool cleaning job, is it profitable?

The swimming pool owners are, in general, from A or B class. Generally, they don’t have problems with the budget and won’t put a low price as a condition to hire your company to clean the swimming pool.

Besides working with successful professionals, businessman and etc, you can work cleaning swimming pool at hotels, gyms, motels, clubs, physiotherapy clinics, residential lots, countryside houses, inns, amongst others.

The cleaning of a 50 m3 swimming pool costs about R$300. Generally, it’s charged more for cleaning the swimming pool in the weekends, that’s on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, because these are the days which happen most of the requests for cleanings.

The location of a swimming pool cleaning company

The location of a swimming pool company matters little, as the service is done at the client’s house.

You just need to invest in a vehicle for the cleaning team transport and your will be able to clean swimming pools at any place in the city.

If the company starts to grow, maybe it would be interesting to invest in the rent or buying  a place somewhere with more movement to stay more visible and in that way divulge the company passively, but definitely it’s nothing trivial.

In this second moment, when the company has already given its first steps and is thinking on the expansion to a more visible place, it’s important to evaluate the possibility to establish besides swimming pool construction shops. The benefit here is to have your name associated to a company that’s already established in the market as a good swimming pool builder.

The structure of the swimming pool cleaning company

Just like the location, the structure of the company doesn’t matter, as everything is done at the client’s.

A swimming pool cleaning company doesn’t need a big structure to star working.

If possible, a spot for the administration, products deposit, bathroom and refectory are more than enough.

About the necessary equipment, when possible it’s interesting to buy the manual equipments and leave them at the client’s house. This avoids you from having to put in each cleaning team a kit with a vacuum hose, a telescopic handle, a leaf net and all of the necessary products.

To know more about the indispensable equipments to clean a swimming pool, check the following link:

In the end, it’s necessary to buy a computer with access to internet, a telephone line, and some tables and chairs to get the company running.

If the budget is short, I believe that a cell phone is enough in a first moment.

The initial budget to open a swimming pool cleaning company

Open a swimming pool cleaning company

The initial budget varies enormously depending in this first steps and in the way the businessman chooses to open this company.

If you choose to open your company at home, you won’t spend with desk material, rent and telephone. If you already have a work car or even a motorbike with a chest you will be saving some more money.

In general, you can open a swimming pool cleaning company spending less than R$5000 but the ideal thing is to have at least R$20000 to start with a good structure: desk material ready, an initial stock with chemical products and manual equipments like vacuum hose, vacuums, handles and brushes, an exclusive telephone line, a well done website and etc…

To reduce even more the initial cost of the opening of the company, get in contact with chemical products and manual equipments suppliers to verify the possibility of buying an initial quantity of chemical products.

By buying directly from the factory you can save more than 50% of the price of the products and equipments.

How to charge for the swimming pool cleaning

Cleaning fiber, masonry, vinyl, requires abilities and specific knowledge. If your decide to work  with all types of swimming pools, you will need a very detailed training for your employees, after all, vinyl swimming pools are more delicate as well as masonry are more hard to deal with.

To execute the job, a professional should take little more than an hour to clean a 50 m3 swimming pool. With this in mind you can make a daily agenda for your employee and trace his route.

The employee needs his own vehicle to get to the client’s houses efficiently and, preferably, a motorbike, which facilitates the transfer and has a cost-benefit better than cars.

Depending on the size of the swimming pool, the cleaning costs between R$ 80,00 and R$150,00. If you will charge monthly, this price can start in R$300.

In general, most part of this value is profit, as the chemical products can be charged extra for the client.

To reach for more clients, it’s worth investing  in a relationship with the city shop owners for them to tell about your company to the clients. It’s worth thinking about the possibility to offer a monthly commission for each client the shop indicates your company to or even buying all the products for the client in the shop owner who helps you.

The establishment of a swimming pool cleaning company doesn’t happen from day to night. The client is untrusting and needs to know you in a good way for the relationship to start in a healthy way.

Besides the alliance with the shop owners, we strongly suggest the creation of a strong visual identity that presents itself in an efficient way in the uniforms and in the company’s web site.

We hope that you liked the tips! If you have another to add, leave it in the comments field right bellow.

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