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Physical properties of the pool water

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Therapy or leisure… it is up to you to choose! Fluctuation, hydrostatic pressure, temperature, resistance, massaging effect…

These are some of the most important pool water physical properties and, consequently, responsible for a large number of benefits in the life of a human being from birth – during pregnancy – until aging.

First, the pool water has the fundamental aspect to mitigate the effects of gravity.

Floating allows the decrease of compression in painful joints and assists the movement of rigid joints in superior amplitudes than the ones in the terrestrial environment. And all of this with reduced pain.

“Our nervous system is positively affected by immersion and, therefore, it decreases the perception of pain”, explains the Physical Education professor Emanuel Ribeiro, who emphasizes the equal importance of other swimming pool water properties, such as density, viscosity, surface tension and drag force.

Pool water physical propertiesEmanuel argues that pools are a privileged place to practice physical activities from multiple perspectives. It helps with prevention, development, training, competition, maintenance, recreation and rehabilitation.

“Whatever is the situation or the goals, anyone can benefit from the work done in the pool”, he says.

The list of pros is extensive and regarding the hydrostatic pressure, they are related to the stimulation of peripheral circulation due to the pool water pressure exerted on the body.

The peripheral circulation facilitates the venous return of the distal parts to the heart. This is a property that helps with the absorption and prevention of edemas, while it also decreases heart rate, blood pressure and it causes resistance in the rib cage. Additionally, it increases blood oxygen diffusion.

As our interlocutor explains, “In water, inspiration and exhalation happens more actively than in the terrestrial environment because there is no resistance. In addition, hydrostatic pressure allows joints to be protected and it contributes with a massaging effect that water has on the human body”.

Exercises in the poolThe temperature, a key component in the process, must be adjusted according to the desired goals, although the ideal temperature may vary from person to person.

Generally, warm water is suggested for less intense physical efforts, allowing muscle and ligament relaxation, in addition to reducing pain, muscle spasm and stiffness.

“It is the ideal temperature for rehabilitation”, he says.

With a less hot temperature, blood pressure rises, the heart rate goes down and the removal of lactic acid from the blood is facilitated, so it is better for more intense physical efforts.

When asked about pools being a potential site for the contagion of skin problems and others, Emanuel Ribeiro says it is “easier to blame the pools” and recalls that, “for example, otitis or ringworm can be contracted or transmitted in several ways such as kindergartens or playgrounds”.

Emanuel also says that, sometimes, the first reaction of the medical class is, with “some lightness”, to blame it on the pools, without properly considering the consequences”.

Exercises in the poolNow that you know it, don’t leave your pool closed off! Book an appointment with a qualified professional for a budget to clean your pool!

Keeping your pool clean is maintaining your quality of life!

All the reasons listed above make the pool the most complete and comprehensive place where you can practice physical exercises.

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