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The objective of pool treatment

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Understanding the objective of pool treatment is the key to being able to do everything the way it should be done: with assertiveness and effectiveness.

Once you understand the reason for pool cleaning, you realize that randomly adding products without properly assessing the real need is the worst thing you can do. You are free from the amateur idea that “you just have to add chlorine, flocculant, vacuum, and that’s it, the pool will be transparent and therefore ready to swim.”

Well-done treatment is the one that not only keeps the water clean, but also crystal clear and, above all, healthy.

It is important to be clear about the need to add chlorine to the water, understand the importance of pH control, the importance of alkalinity control, comprehend the benefits of pool filtration, and clearly understand the reason that justifies each of the physical and chemical treatment processes for the pool.

After knowing all this, a person consequently understands better the three pillars for pool cleaning:

Therefore, today we will try to clarify a little about the reason for pool treatment.

Why treat the pool

All the processes inherent in pool cleaning serve to ensure the cleanliness, chemical balance, and microbiological quality of the water.

Let’s look at each of them separately…

The cleaning of the water

The cleaning of the water refers to the visible part of it. It’s everything that gives us visual pleasure.

Getting a clean pool means getting a transparent, crystal clear pool, inviting people to swim as if they were in a waterfall of crystal clear water.

To achieve clean water, we need to pay attention to filtration, as it is the main process of removing suspended solids.

It is the pool filter that retains all the visible impurities in the pool and leaves the water really beautiful.

The idea of this part of the treatment is to ensure that the pool has a beautiful and 100% transparent appearance.

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The chemical balance of the water

The other part that justifies pool treatment is maintaining the chemical balance of the water.

What’s the point of having an incredibly crystal-clear pool if, upon entering, you feel eye irritation or a strong smell of chlorine in the water?


That’s why it’s important to keep water disinfection up to date. Adding chlorine to the water, keeping the ozone generator running, letting the ultraviolet disinfection system work, etc.

Without disinfection, the problem with insects in the pool is immense, and dengue fever in the pool is another headache, and so on…

A chemically balanced pool doesn’t cause irritation to the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes of swimmers and favors the proper functioning of the chemicals added for various purposes, from settling to correcting pH and free chlorine levels.

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The microbiological quality of water

Unlike what we call cleanliness, the microbiological quality of water refers to everything that we cannot see with the naked eye.

We refer to disinfection: the third pillar of a crystal clear and healthy pool.

Each process in the treatment of a pool has a goal, and many of them aim to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can be harmful to humans and also to the quality of the other two points we have already mentioned: water cleanliness (in an aesthetic, visual sense) and its chemical balance.

Maintaining the microbiological quality of water is also a matter of citizenship, after all, the dengue mosquito will not wait for the pool owner to arrive home to transmit the disease only to them, right?

Why Clean Your Pool?

Treating a pool needs to have a purpose, and the same goes for every action, every process carried out until a crystal-clear and healthy water is obtained.

No using chemicals without knowing exactly what they do and how they work.

No using the products without first reading each of the instructions on the label carefully.

Everything must be done with a purpose, a why!

The real purpose of treating a pool should be to always maintain these three points in balance:

  • The cleanliness of the water and its visual appearance;
  • The chemical balance of the water;
  • The microbiological quality of the water and its physicochemical characteristics.

Understanding why you use one product and not another, knowing why you need to wait so long to add a certain product, truly understanding why it is important to keep a certain parameter within a certain range… This makes all the difference in the final result of the work and in the quality of the cleaning as a whole.

If you have any doubts about the purpose of pool treatment, you can talk to us! The community is always willing to help, and so am I.

Despite a busy life at Agência Sete Clave, I keep juggling all the balls and answering, whenever possible, the questions here at PoolPiscina, okay?

Big hug and see you next time!


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