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Taking care of the pool’s motor pump

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Pool pump basketThe function of the pool’s motor pump is to force the circulation of water.

If the filter is considered the pool’s lung, the motor pump would be the heart!

Today we are going to give you some tips about taking care of the pool’s motor pump so that you can avoid possible inconveniences with this important equipment.

There are self-priming pumps that can work above the water level because they can provide the flow of water in the pool even when it is not completely filled with water.

They can also be used to generate flow in the pool heating system, either using a heat exchanger or solar heating.

Generally, the pool pump is a robust equipment that does not require a lot of maintenance.

However, we will list here some measures that can extend its useful life and avoid eventual issues.

Taking care of the pool’s motor pump

Swimming pool pumps are usually designed to work with clean water and at low temperatures.

That means it is not a good idea to use them with muddy water, with a lot of salt or other types of solid substances.

In scenarios where the motor pump is used to circulate mixtures of this type, there is a drastic reduction of its durability.

Pool's motor pumpEven with self-priming pumps, it is necessary to add an initial amount of water to the basket before the equipment operates for the first time.

As a rule, motor pumps cannot operate for a long time without water because it damages their internal components, which may result in a partial or total loss of power.

The electric motors can be single-phase voltage supply or three-phase voltage supply.

To select the voltage, simply follow the instructions located on the motor frame.

It is important to check the distance between the power board and the pump and then check the manufacturer’s instructions to choose the most suitable cabling.

In three-phase installations, it is common to see the motor pump supply phase reversed, therefore, maintenance staff needs to be properly trained, to carefully invert the supply wires when necessary so the motor pump works correctly!

If the technician does not take care of these details, you will lose the warranty on your equipment!

Always choose a qualified and trusted company to do maintenance on your pool’s motor pump!

At the time of installation, it is necessary to choose wisely a circuit breaker to protect the equipment and for the safety of the pump users!

Circuit breaker for pool pumpThe installation of this protection device is mandatory, according to the industry standards, and its disuse can represent a death risk for the users!

After the pool pump installation, here are other precautions to be taken:

  • Never let the motor pump run out of water, to avoid damaging the mechanical seal and the rotor;
  • Pumps should not be used in closed registers;
  • Clean the pump basket regularly;
  • Registers and couplings must allow the filter and motor pump to be removed without water loss;
  • In case of vibration, noise or high temperature on the pump, switch it off immediately and contact a technician!

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